The mission of the UC CPS is:
  • to foster communication between UC postdocs, administration and faculty
  • to work together with the UC administration and faculty to ensure equitable treatment of postdocs, and
  • to facilitate a productive climate for postdoctoral training on the individual UC campuses

Welcome to the UC CPS Homepage

The Council of Postdoctoral Scholars provides systemwide representation for postdoctoral scholars of the University of California (UC). The Council is comprised of representatives from the ten UC campuses, and works collaboratively with the UC administration to improve the training and scholarship of postdoctoral scholars.

This website provides information about the Council, including our mission, current representatives, meeting dates, reports and recommendations,and accomplishments. This site also provides other useful resources for postdoctoral scholars, including links to UC postdoctoral scholar policies, career information, and campus postdoctoral scholar associations.

The 2011 July issue of the UC Postdoc Newsletter has been published.

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